What Exactly Is A Paleo Diet?

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The paleo diet plan is synonymous with the caveman diet regime or Paleolithic diet plan. Basically, the paleo eating plan is mainly the foods that early mankind consumed.  It is often claimed to be the healthiest diet program since it discourages the use or intake of processed foods. The Paleolithic man’s eating plan was made up of meat, fruits, and roots. There is a saying with fans of this diet plan “if a caveman didn’t eat this food, you really shouldn’t either”.  That may be a bit basic but it is fairly accurate.

All through the Paleolithic era, individuals were hunters and gathers. The notion of farming had not been created or practiced yet.  These people hunted for meat, which was their main source of protein.  They also collected nuts, fruits and roots, which makes up the gathering part of hunters and gatherers. The typical individual of this era was smaller in size but more muscular than their modern counterparts. While their life spans were only about half of today’s, they weren’t afflicted by many of the diseases brought about by poor diets.  Through trial and error, early mankind learned to eat those foods that were safe and available.  The beginning of farming skills added more foods, such as grains, to the average diet.

The Need To Lose Weight

The paleo diet has been a response to the obesity program that is affecting most of the United States and other countries.  Approximately 60% of the world-wide population is overweight, while 33% are viewed as being obese.  As a result of this weight problem, more people have found themselves suffering from weight-related health issues.   Many of these disorders, such as diabetes, heart issues and even cancer, can pinpoint their causes to obesity. Sadly these health issues are increasing in huge numbers each year.  While modern medicine and science are seeing advances in tackling these problems, they continue to grow in number. The need to lose weight has never been more apparent.

A paleo diet plan excludes lots of processed foods that are high in sugar and salt.  Also missing from this diet are dairy products (cows weren’t around in caveman days).  Removing these three groups can make a major impact on a person’s weight and overall health.  The human body has trouble digesting sugar.  Excess salt can lead to hypertension and process foods have too much of each.

What Makes A Diet A Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet plan is centered around fruits, vegetables, lean meats nuts, seeds, seafood and healthy fats. Healthy fat is fats that come from seeds, nuts, avocados, and fish oil.  Olive oil is the most well known (yes, olives are fruit).  While meats are a part of a paleo diet, it is important that the meats are lean and that your portions are small.  Their is no reason for anyone to each a 16 ounce steak in one sitting.

The best vegetables for this diet are those that are high in fiber.  Fiber is a key component to not only weight loss, but also to good overall health.  Fruits help to add natural sugars, fiber and a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients.  Seeds and nuts are surprisingly easy to add to many dishes, and their health benefits are numerous.  Adding some exercise to your daily activities will help to increase the benefits of this diet.

Paleo’s main aim to avoid sugars and processed foods is supported by a host of scientific studies.  These studies have shown a clear link between processed foods and heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity and other health problems.  While some dieters will go to extremes with this plan, you will be able to see results quickly by following a few basic guidelines, adding exercise to your schedule and avoiding those foods high in salt and sugar.

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