The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

Mediterranean Cookbook

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

The Mediterranean Diet has been a wonderful vehicle for people who want to lose weight and get healthier at the same time.  It is different than many diet plans, it doesn’t have a strict set of daily plans to be followed.  Instead, it helps you concentrate on eating foods that are low fat, high fiber and healthier.  The plan also helps to incorporate a more active lifestyle by adding light exercise to your daily activities.

This excellent cookbook that specializes in Mediterranean recipes is done by America’s Test Kitchen.  This group has created many excellent cookbooks and their work here is very well done.  Anyone who has every started a diet can tell you that planning is the toughest part.  You know you want to eat better and lose weight, but creating menus that actually sound good can be tough.  That problem is eliminated with this cookbook.  It gives you up to 500 recipes, a variety that is not found in most diet plans.

Mediterranean Cookbook RecipesThe recipes in this book are well designed, well presented and easy to follow.  The book gives you lists of ingredients that you will need to create you meals, but there are few ingredients that are hard to source.  The photos are well done and really help you picture what your meal should look like.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

This diet plan is structured like a pyramid, with the healthier foods at the bottom.  The cookbook has large sections dedicated to the foods that are the base of the pyramid.  Tasty recipes are built around these foods and you will never be bored with the meals.  Smaller sections are devoted to poultry and seafood.  Italian and Greek influences are found here with great results.  The smallest sections represent the top of the pyramid.  These are meats and desserts.

Many diets require you to avoid foods that you really like.  While you can’t eat an entire cake with this diet plan, you can add some desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Many recipes are designed so that you can make meals in advance and store them until you are ready to indulge.

Overall, this is a fabulous cookbook for anyone on a diet.  For more info, CLICK HERE.

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