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The unsolved dilemma of weight problems:

Coping with chubby is 1 of the most desperating challenges for people who experience it. Conventional initiatives for managing the challenge by usually means of food plan and physical work out are disclosed yet again and once again as ineffective in the lengthy run. Continue to, most human beings maintain making an attempt in the very same strategies. The end result is normally an additional increase in fat, with the addition of failure inner thoughts, helplessness and desperation. The cause for failure lies in the misunderstanding of the dynamics in which the actual physical system gains pounds.

The regarded eating plan is based mostly on the assumption that the actual physical physique raises as a consequence of extreme caloric equilibrium which turns into physical substance – abnormal excess fat. In accordance to this knowing the derived conclusion is that minimizing the consumption of physical product – foods – will bring about a reduction of the bodily entire body. This perception is mistaken simply because it is based on a narrowing look at and on analytical causation, which propose a actual physical remedy to what is sees as a challenge that is bodily in essence. This conception oversimplifies the complexity of person and neglects the numerous strata that have an impact on his daily life, far beyond the actual physical dimension. Owing to that, it are unable to provide an helpful remedy to the challenge. The holistic perspective on male tells us that in buy to solve a challenge, actual physical as very well, we are should to grow the stage of check out and understand the entirety of bodily, psychological, psychological and religious leads to, in which it was designed.

The roots of the obesity challenge – Reversed alchemy of gold into direct:

The alchemical point of view on the being overweight phenomenon commences with the perception that gentleman is an entity that individual creation forces, and is capable of setting up by himself its actual physical body, emotional planet, psychological forces and non secular strength, and make the bodily and non secular reality in which he or she life. This force is executed by the means of guy to do a transformation of itself and its environment from reduced energy existence to existence of a better frequency, in the same way that an alchemist turns guide into gold. In truth, this is the purpose of his life and to there potential customers his private path. Over weight is a signal that for some purpose the particular person is targeted too a great deal on generating himself a actual physical entire body, and neglects the generation of other sections of him and his life.

Creation forces that reside in man are executed by the interaction of two essential and opposing energies. These energies are acknowledged in unique names as make any difference and spirit, prana and shakti, yin and yang, and so on. In this short article I shall refer to these energies as light and darkness.

The conversation between these opposing forces has been the component that created male even though currently being in the womb of its mother, and in the very first decades of its life. This building interaction can exist when these two energies are distinctive from just about every other. In this problem the light materials the generation application and the darkness produces the bodily, emotional, mental, and religious buildings required for its execution. However, with delivery the toughness of darkness intensifies, owing to the primal trauma of disconnection from cosmic feeding, and it is expressed in the structure of strong pulling (gravitational) forces that take in gentle into them.

In this condition gentleman lacks the means to execute the creation application that is imprinted in him, due to the fact the absorption of mild by darkness generates a system of reverse alchemy in which it declines in its frequencies. The final result is that as a substitute of getting a producing pressure it turns to an exterminating pressure that continues to transform superior frequency materials to small frequency material. The end result is that the person will get to a route of dying and termination, as a substitute of continuing development and progress.

The mild that is swallowed in darkness, perpetually retains making an attempt to execute the creation intention in it, and it attempts to convert the path of the alchemical approach, to maximize in its frequency and escape from the absorption of darkness. These attempts are actually found in several human behaviors, from bodily manifestations to psychological, mental and spiritual expressions. The potential of gentle to escape from darkness is completely dependent on the acknowledgment and acceptance of these human manifestations by its human environment in the 1st years of its life. But because the light-weight that attempts to escape is of a lower frequency, it is manifested as behaviors that do not search lighted, and they convey generally egoistic particular needs. Culture, in basic, rejects most of these expressions and forbids them and later on guy learns to reject them himself, generally in an automated unconscious way.

Body weight gain as a consequence of the rejection of mild and its collapse:

In get to be expressed as light-weight that has the capability of supplying, instead of absorption characteristics that darkness has, light has to vibrate in the frequency that is ideal for it. The rejection of the gentle that tried to escape darkness causes it to eliminate this frequency and it collapses into a chaotic structure of a far too reduced frequency, in which it carries on to be expressed as darkness. The collapse is taking area in a complicated process, in which the gentle that experimented with to go out is not falling back to a dimension of overall in-existence, but collapses to reduced amounts of existence than the types it really should have achieved. Light that was intended, for instance, to develop a good and useful bodily body but was turned down, decreases in its frequency and generates a decreased frequency bodily system that is nonfunctional and is not supposed to exist according to the application of gentleman. In other words – it produces body fat. In the exact way mild that wad intended to be manifested as an emotion and was rejected, deteriorates in its frequency and gets a physical issue that is once more manifested as fat.

Thus, there is a sustainment of the process in which the rejection of light (both by modern society, or by the unconsciousness of person) moves it to exist in decrease energetic amounts (characterized by forces of absorption and destruction in its place of generation) than the kinds in which it is supposed to be. As a result the reversed alchemy through which light goes, builds a physical system that is expanding by the superfluous levels that are added to it, and the end result is obese. Gentleman proceeds to be created, but the construction it results in is chaotic, unbalanced and distorted. The light that tried out to get out of darkness in buy to execute the development application within it, is still left in the amount of bodily system as an unrealized opportunity.

The romance concerning food and obesity in alchemical look at:

In its unstopping initiatives to elevate the frequencies of light-weight that collapsed to darkness, gentleman is on the lookout for external vitality that will help him in acquiring that. This vitality exists in the world as manifestations of non secular entities to which guy phone calls God, cosmos, Shiva, and so forth. Nonetheless, due to the fact he hesitates to position whole have confidence in in them he prefers to receive strength from earthly resources, and food items is the most accessible resource that person consumes in purchase to allow the light in him to escape from the pull of the darkness. But mainly because the meals is consumed by a gentleman whose energetic structure is characterized by absorption forces in the 1st position, it much too goes through reversed alchemy processes. The foodstuff structure turns chaotic and his strength is absorbed to places whose frequency is as well minimal and which are continuing to expand as a actual physical physique. Which is why foodstuff can, and does, bring about over weight.

Narrowing the amounts of food and its composition by food plan admittedly provides about reduction in the sizes of physical physique, since it minimizes the absorption forces by denying energy from them, thus letting much more light-weight to come out, mainly from the unproportionally made human body. But, the rise of mild raises also the fear of new rejection of it, and this panic turns to a gravitational power that stops the light from obtaining out. In addition – it delivers about collapse of further mild that succeeded to escape. The end result is that food plan even strengthens the absorption forces and the reverse alchemy procedures, and when male stops the diet program and returns to try to eat as standard, his body gains body weight even far more. Hence, the additional man experiences extra eating plans, the lessen are his prospects to reduce his bodyweight, for the reason that his framework gets to be additional and additional energetically absorbing and the reverse alchemy procedures in him turn out to be more robust and stronger. The consequence is escalating fattening.

Alchemical weight decline – transduction of physical content:

According to the alchemical perspective body weight decline is a process in which the gentle that collapsed and turned into redundant physical product, is growing again in its frequencies and reaches the energetic degrees that are proper for it. The outcome of cutting down bodyweight in this way is emergence of new pieces in the particular person, in his psychological, mental and spiritual world, as effectively as his bodily system. This fat reduction course of action makes an alchemy of reduced product into a new man or woman, more complexed and of a better energetic frequency existence.

From a human being with an exaggerated mass of minimal frequency content, which appears to be like bodily product, it turns into a extra designed entity with development forces and creation intentions, instead of destruction forces, like the destruction of self. This process is bringing the person to a route of energetic transduction, presents hope to his life, gives him back his connection to self, enables him to sense able to understand his wishes, offers him the capacity to distinguish in between great and terrible in his lifestyle, and mostly permits him to truly feel linked to an entity even larger than himself. Thereby this approach fixes the experience of existential loneliness that characterizes men’s lifetime. This is a incredibly different way from the way of an common diet plan in which the human being attempts to get rid of parts of himself, and therefore improve the self blame, desperation, anger, and experience of alienation.

The way to alchemical transduction of entire body pounds:

In get to commence the alchemical procedure that is vital for the reduction of pounds it is initially desired to prevent the continuation of the reversed alchemy procedures inside us. These processes do not enable us to grow and they switch our possible to actual physical content.

These processes, in essence, are light-weight that does not do well to technique consciousness and as a result decreases in its frequencies, and consequently the most significant elementary software to quit them is drawing consideration to these procedures by recognition to the point of their existence. These types of consciousness allows the individual a feeling of handle that he didn’t have beforehand, when he felt helpless against his arbitrarily switching body weight with out understanding why, and how to stop it. The experience of manage supplies him also an capacity to decide on amongst lifestyle with no self realization that is characterised by the common suffering, which include extreme fattening, and a daily life in which he struggles to no cost the mild in him and makes himself and his natural environment and obtains a well balanced system, among other people. This article is made up as a single this kind of a software of drawing awareness to these procedures.

Releasing the light-weight also needs finding about the fear from rejection and panic from transform. All those fears are embedded in the nervous technique and having above it involves strategies that overpass that program. This kind of tactics arrive from differs domains of procedure, like EMDR, Kinesiology, and other people. Far more approaches will need to be formulated and it calls for a cooperation of scientists and therapists. Treating obese is significantly extra then managing nourishment. It is a undertaking of spiritual growth of non-public gentleman and humanity. That is an intriguing point of look at. Would not you say?

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